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Caladhir was a Silvan elf from Lothlórien.


Sometime during the War of the Ring, he was one of Haldir's elf-host that arrived to Helm's Deep in aiding the Rohirrim and their king against Saruman's army in 3019. He was stationed on the Deeping Wall and fought long and hard against the Uruk-hai infantry, who ended up losing. When Theoden called for everyone to "Pull Back to the Keep", Caladhir was among the elves that did so. Before retreating to the keep, he picked up Gimli, who was fighting very hard against the Uruk-hai, and dragged him back to the keep with the help of Legolas. Caladhir may have survived the battle. If so, it is possible that he went to the Undying Lands in the West or stayed in Middle-earth during the early years of the Fourth Age. His fate is not known.[1]



  • Caladhir appears in the film The Two Towers as a non-canonical character.
  • He does not appear in any of the books.
  • Caladir's skin tone appeared to be brown, which is rare for elves. He may have been descended from men.