Ted Nasmith - Burning of the Ships

The Burning of the Ships, by Ted Nasmith

The Burning of the Ships was an event which occurred at the beginning of the First Age at Losgar after Fëanor and his followers stole the swanships of the Teleri from Alqualondë.[1]



Feanor at Losgar

Feanor watching the burning at Losgar

After the death of Finwë and the theft of the Silmarils by Melkor, Fëanor and his seven sons swore an oath and went into exile. Many Elves followed them, including the House of Fingolfin and the children of Finarfin.[1]

They came to Alqualondë and Fëanor demanded to use the swanships of the Teleri. However, the Teleri refused and resisted when Fëanor tried to take them by force. The first kinslaying took place and many of the Teleri were slain.[1]

The EventEdit

In YT 1497,[2] Fëanor had ordered the burning of the ships, and had left the host of Fingolfin behind.[1] At dawn, Fëanor and his sons discovered the death of Amrod, who slept in the first burned ship.[3] This was changed in the published Silmarillion, which states that all seven of the Sons of Fëanor reached Middle-earth.


After the burning of the ships, Fëanor fought in the Dagor-nuin-Giliath and died afterward.[4]


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