The Bridge of Menegroth was a stone bridge over the river Esgalduin in Doriath that led to the entrance of Menegroth.

The bridge was approximately 500 feet in length.[1]


As the great underground city of Menegroth was delved and built mostly by the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, the bridge was probably made by them. It was used by the Elves of Doriath[2] and welcomed guests[3] going to and from the city. Tragically, the Dwarves of Nogrod led a great a host over the bridge intending sack the city and punish the elves for what they believed to be the wrongful slaying of their kin in the deep caves of Menegroth. With the final fall of Doriath after the death of Dior in FA 506[4], it is possible that the bridge fell into decay for the rest of the First Age, and after the War of Wrath it went the way of all things in the Beleriand, and sunk below the waves.[5]


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