Bree-hill was a prominent hill in Bree-land on which stood the majority of the village of Bree.

It was located between Chetwood forest and the great ring of the hedge and dike that protected Bree, and was more or less one-and-half miles from both north to south and west to east in diameter.[1]


The majority of the houses of the men were built here facing west and were closest to the Great East Road while the Hobbit-holes of the Hobbits of Bree were further east and closest to Combe and Staddle. On the hill was a nameless road that branched out from Great East Road within Bree near the North-Gate running up the hill along the houses of the men and hobbit-holes, curving in a southeasterly and northeasterly direction and dead ending less than halfway up the hill.

The famous inn of the Prancing Pony stood at the foot of its northwestern slope near the road that led to the West-Gate of Bree.[1]


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