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Borondir Udalraph of Gondor and five other messengers rode north along Anduin to seek out Gondor's old allies, the Éothéod, when Gondor was being overrun by Easterlings, in TA 2509. Borondir was the only survivor, and presented the Red Arrow to the Éothéod King Eorl the Young. It is also sometimes stated that Borondir, descended from the Northmen of Rhovanion who entered Gondor in the noontide of that realm, was an excellent horseman who died in the charge of the Éothéod on the Field of Celebrant.


The name Borondir means "Steadfast Man" (boron: "steadfast, eduring", dir: "man"). His surname "Udalraph" means "the stirrupless", it refers to his qualities as a rider because he didn't need stirrups, whilst a normal Gondorian rider did.

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