Borlas was a Man of Gondor in the Fourth Age, and a key figure in J.R.R. Tolkien's short-lived story The New Shadow. He had two children, an unnamed daughter and a son Berelach, a friend of Saelon.[1]


Borlas was the son of Beregond, the captain who saved Faramir from being burned by Denethor. After the War of the Ring, he lived in Pen-arduin, which was in Emyn Arnen.[2] Sometime in the past he caught a young man stealing an apple from his garden. He scolded him describing his behavior as "Orc work" but took the boy under his wing becoming his master. Years later, he learned through him of the growing shadow among Men and the possibility of a secret cult worshiping the old enemies of the world.[1]


Borlas means "Enduring joy" from bor ("endure") and glass or galas ("joy").[3]

Line of BaranorEdit


Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Borlas is played by Billy Jackson, the son of Peter Jackson, in the Return of the King film adaptation.


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