The Boffin (anglicization of Bophîn, name of unknown meaning in Hobbitish Westron) family are a prominent hobbit family of The Shire, associated with the region of the Yale in the Eastfarthing. Important members include Berylla Boffin, who was an ancestor of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and Folco Boffin, who helped Frodo in his move from Bag End.

They were a Stoor family, and their ancestors long dwelt in Dunland before migrating northwest.

Boffins of the YaleEdit

                                     Buffo Boffin 
                                  = Ivy Goodenough 
                               |          |          |           |
                             Bosco       Basso       Briffo       Berylla 
                               |                          = Balbo Baggins 
                               |                                 :
                               |                                 :
                         Otto the Fat                        Bilbo Baggins
                       = Lavendar Grubb 
               |                   |                          |                  |
             Hugo                  Uffo                        Rollo Boffin              Primrose 
     = Donnamira Took  = Sapphira Brockhouse           = Druda Burrows Boffin   = Blanco Bracegirdle 
   ____________|          _________|________                  |            ______|______
   |           |          |                |                  |            |           |
  Jago     Jessamine    Gruffo           Gerda               Sago        Bruno      Lobelia
 = Fem    = Herugar  = Lila Grubb  = Adalbert Bolger  = Frinella Chubb = Tolula = Otho Sackville-
Hornblower  Bolger        |                                   |          Goold       Baggins
   |                      |                                   |        ____|____       |
  Vigo                 Griffo                             (various     |       |     Lotho
= Tansy Proudfoot = Daisy Baggins                       descendants)  Hugo   Hilda
   |                      |                                               = Seredic
 Folco                  Tosto                                              Brandybuck

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