Blodren is a character that appears in The Grey Annals in The War of the Jewels.


Blodren was Ban's son. He was an Easterling who had been taken by Morgoth. He was tormented because he was one of the faithful that withstood Uldor. He entered into the service of Morgoth and was released, and sent in search of Turin. He entered into the hidden company in Dimbar and served Turin manfully for two years. Once he saw his chance he betrayed the refuge of Beleg and and Turin to the orcs, and his errand was. Thus it was surrounded and taken, and Turin was captured alive and carried towards Angband. Beleg was left for dead among the slain. Blodren was by chance slain by an arrow in the dark.

Behind the scenesEdit

Blodren was recycled from an earlier character Blodrin for The Grey Annals in the 1950s. Later Blodrin and Blodren role as traitor was transfered over to Mim the dwarf. The dwarf was a mix of the Blodren/rin traitor idea as well the earlier Mim confronting Hurin stories.