The Black Uruks or "Mordor Uruk-hai" were an elite breed of Orc that made up part of Sauron's vast, ground-bred army, and thus Black Uruk is the term used to refer to any Uruk of Mordor.


Black Uruks were the first Orc-kind of Middle-earth to be named uruk, for they originated before the Great Years, and first appeared in assaults upon Ithilien that took place in the year 2475 of the Third Age. (It was almost a millennium later that Saruman in Isengard bred the more familiar Orcs specified simply by the name Uruk-hai.)



Notable Uruks of MordorEdit

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy Edit

In Peter Jackson's The Return of the King, Uruks of Mordor are frequently seen: Murgash is one of them, at the Siege of Gondor, and many others are later seen marching through the Orc camp encountered by Sam and Frodo. Most notably, Shagrat in Cirith Ungol is portrayed as an Uruk.

Depiction Edit

All Black Uruks who are depicted in the films are recognizable not merely by their tougher and broader stature, but by their long hair. Gorbag, therefore, was not portrayed to be a Black Uruk, for he is seen to hold himself in the same slouched manner as every other typical Orc.

Ambiguation in films and games Edit

The Orc-class label of Black Uruk is sometimes made to be synonymous with Black Orc (such as in EA's The Rise of the Witch-king) or even with Morannon Orc - on the grounds that all three names denote a tougher breed of Mordor-indigenous Orc.