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Black Uruks

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Blonde Orc
Black Uruks
Name Black Uruks
Dominions Mordor (Mainly Seregost)
Languages Native dialects, Black Speech, Westron
Height Between 5-7'
Skin Color Dark
Hair Color Black (usually none)
Distinctions Advanced Uruk-hai
Members Shagrat

Note: Material on this page largely concerns information depicted in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy, some of which may be missing from or may even contradict Tolkien's writings. It may also contain "facts" that are unsourced ("it is said that…," etc.) and/or are merely the opinions or conjecture of the author or editor(s).

The Black Uruks were extremely rare, elite Uruks, and possibly the greatest orcs Sauron ever had in his armies; made after his diminishing at the end of the Second Age, even before his return to Mordor.



Black Uruks originated before the Great Years; used against Ithilien when Sauron returned, and that is their only Time-Line reference. They could have been birthed the way Saruman did his Uruks, which however came afterwards: cross-bred between orcs and half-orcs (i.e. Goblin-men).

In the Great YearsEdit

It is said that the very throne of Sauron was guarded by Black Uruks, and that their captain was the Mouth of Sauron (who was also the Mannish lieutenant of all Orcs of Mordor). At the Battle of the Morannon, the majority and the highest in command of Black Uruks were killed, in the downfall of the Dark Tower and the whole Gorgoroth plateau, and that would have included Shagrat, who would have been in that area after delivering the mithril coat to Barad-dûr.



They were the largest orcs that Sauron ever birthed, they all served him directly. Many of them were killed such as Murgash and thousands of others. In a LOTR deleted scene, an army of them were wearing Uruk hai helm's deep armor and marching through Gorgoroth.

There was also proof that Black Uruks went to fight at the Gate, coming from Barad-dûr. In the scene where Frodo and Sam were disguised as orcs, leaving the Orc Camp, and an orc captain put them into his marching battalion, there was an uruk behind Samwise getting whipped by the captain.

This breed of Orc was vastly regarded by Sauron as he used them as guards for his more important areas in Mordor one being Barad-dûr itself.

Notable Uruks of MordorEdit


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