Berylla (Boffin) Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire and the wife of Balbo Baggins, the first recorded member of the Baggins family.


Berylla was born in TA 2772 (SR 1172) to Buffo Boffin and Ivy Goodenough. She married Balbo Baggins and was the mother of Mungo, Pansy, Ponto, Largo, and Lily Goodbody. She died in TA 2871 (SR 1271).[1][2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Her years of birth and death are not given in The Lord of the Rings, but a birth-year of 2772 for her appears on Boffin family tree 'BF4' in The Peoples of Middle-earth.[2]


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