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This article is about the steward of Gondor. For the man of the House of Bëor, see Beren Erchamion.





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Beren (r. TA 2743 - TA 2763) was the nineteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.


Born in TA 2655, Beren was the son of Egalmoth. When Egalmoth died in 2743, Beren succeeded him as the Ruling Steward. He spent much of his reign fighting the Corsairs of Umbar in southern Gondor.

During the Long Winter of TA 2758 - TA 2759, the Corsairs of Umbar attacked Gondor, and Rohan came under attack from the Dunlendings. Initially, both nations were under attack, and neither could help the other. Once the Corsairs attacking Gondor had been defeated, Beren sent a force under the command of his son Beregond north to the aid of Rohan and its war with the Dunlendings.

In TA 2759 Saruman suddenly appeared and requested leave to dwell in Isengard, Beren gladly gave the Keys of Orthanc to Saruman and appointed him Warden answerable only to the Steward, because he believed Saruman could help both Gondor and Rohan recover from the effects of the Long Winter.

Beren died in TA 2763 at the age of 108 years old, and he was succeeded by his son Beregond.

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