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For the Lord of the Rings character with this name, see Beregond (Captain).

Beregond (r. TA 2763 - TA 2811) was the twentieth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Biography Edit

Born in TA 2700 Beregond was the son of Beren.

During the Long Winter of TA 2758 - TA 2759 the Corsairs of Umbar attacked Gondor and a combined force of Dunlendings and Corsairs of Umbar sailed up the Isen and besieged Rohan, initially both nations were under attack neither could help the other. However, the Corsairs who attacked Gondor were defeated before the coming of spring and the Steward Beren dispatched a force under the command of his son Beregond who was a great warrior and sea captain north to Rohan to relieve the besieged Rohirrim. Together the forces of Beregond and Fréaláf Hildeson the King of Rohan defeated both the Corsairs and Dunlendings.

Beregond's father, Beren died in TA 2763 and Beregond succeeded him as the twentieth Ruling Steward.

The thirtieth year of Beregond's stewardship TA 2793 saw the beginning of the six year War between the Dwarves and the Orcs that culminated in the Battle of Azanulbizar (or Nanduhirion) in TA 2799. During the course of the six year conflict many orcs sought to take refuge in the safety of White Mountains. The Men of Gondor led by Beregond slew many orcs that attempted to reestablish themselves in the White Mountains, and prevented the orcs from establishing large scale settlements and strongholds in the White Mountains.

Beregond died in TA 2811 at the age of 111 years old and was succeeded by his son Belecthor II.

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