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Biographical information

Other names
Date of birth
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
Axes, bare hands, teeth, claws

Physical description

Beornings (Skin-changers of the North)
Twice the size of a man, 5'-7'
Hair color
Black or brown
Eye color

Beornings, also known as skin-changers, were a race of men that were able to change into bears. They were named after Beorn, who had the ability to turn into a bear. They dwelt in the Vales of Anduin between Mirkwood and the Great River. They had the same life-span of mortal men, and could speak in both the tongue of men and of bears. They did not seem very fond of Dwarves, and were enemies with the Goblins. The people of Rohan shared kinship with them. They hunted neither bird nor beast and lived mostly off of cream and honey. The only known leaders of this people were Beorn and later his son Grimbeorn.

The Beornings were well known for their honey-cakes, which they likely made in their bee farms and sold openly to others, at least until the return of Sauron, for then the Beornings no longer trusted strangers and their trade stopped. Gimli considered the Beornings the best bakers he knew, though they were not so willing to give out their cakes to travelers during the days of the War of the Ring.

Gandalf thought the Beornings might have originated in the Misty Mountains.[1] During the Third Age they guarded the Ford of Carrock from the Orcs and Wargs (in The Hobbit, Gloin complained that their tolls were high) and they also aided the Elves in defending their kingdom in northern Mirkwood. During the War of the Ring, while wearing the One Ring at Amon Hen upon the seat of seeing, Frodo Baggins saw many things from afar, including the land of the Beornings aflame. This hints at an attack by Sauron's forces upon the Beornings, though the outcome of this attack is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Beornings appear in the video game The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring, in this game they can turn into a bear at will and when in human form can heal other units.
  • In Old Norse, björn meant "brown"; the English word bear is from the Germanic word beron (literally, "the brown one").
  • The most common weapon wielded by the Beornings are large axes.
  • Beornings also appear in the video game The Hobbit where they help kill the goblin king after you free him from an enchanted, purple, shell.

Appearances Edit


  1. The Hobbit, Chapter 7: "Queer Lodgings"

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