Belthronding was the bow of Beleg.


Belthronding was a bow of black yew-wood. Beleg might have gotten the name "Strongbow" from Belthronding. It was buried with him by Túrin and Gwindor after the accidental slaying of Beleg at the hands of Túrin, his friend.[2]


In Sindarin, Belthronding is comprised of the words bel ("strong"), staran or thron ("stiff, hard"), and ding ("an onomatopoeic variant of ting").[3]

Other versions of the legendariumEdit

In earlier writings, the great bow of Beleg was called "Balthronding".[4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic በልጥሮንዲንግ
Arabic بيلتهروندينع
Armenian Բելտհրոնդինգ
Belarusian Белтhрондінг
Bengali বেল্থ্রন্দিঙ
Dari بهلتهروندینگ
Georgian ბელთრონდინგი
Greek Βελθρονδινγ ?
Gujarati બેલ્થ્રોન્દિઙ
Hebrew בלת'רונדינג
Hindi बेल्थ्रोन्दिङ
Kazakh Белтһрондінг
Kyrgyz Бэлтhрондинг
Macedonian Белтхрондинг
Mongolian Белтhрондинг
Nepali बेल्थ्रोन्दिङ
Pashto بېلتهروندینګ
Russian Белтрондинг
Sanskrit बेल्थ्रोन्दिङ्
Serbian Белтхрондинг (Cyrillic) Belthronding (Latinised)
Sinhala බෙල්ථ්‍රොඳිඞ්
Tajik Белтҳрондинг
Tamil பெல்த்ஹ்ரொந்திங் ?
Telugu బెల్థ్రొన్దిఙ
Turkish Beltronding
Ukrainian Белтгрондінґ
Urdu بےلتهروندینگ ?
Uzbek Белтҳрондинг (Cyrillic) Belthronding (Latinised)
Uyghur بەلتھروندىنگ
Yiddish בעלטהראָנדינג


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