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Beleram in Fornost

Beleram, son of Edmilion and grandson of Anoram, was one of the Great Eagles during the latter half of the Third Age. One of the Great Eagles of Middle-earth, Beleram forges a bond with Farin, Eradan, and Andriel as they go north to fight Agandaûr.


Beleram, a warrior of the Great Eagles, came to build a bond with Eradan, Andriel, and Farin as they fought together to halt Agandaûr's advance. His wise perspective, steadfast loyalty, and deadly force in combat were guiding beacons for the heroes as they ventured ever further behind enemy lines.

Beleram was deeply wounded during the siege of Nordiband from Agandaûr , he lost two of his Eagle companions during the fight, luckliy the Dwarves of Nordiband were able to aid him. 


As Beleram was one of the Great Eagles, he was strong enough to carry grown Men.

Appearances in adaptationsEdit

Beleram was created for The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. He is voiced by John Patrick Lowrie.

In the final battle with Agandaûr, Beleram can be called in and will inflict a large amount of damage to Agandaûr, but will be fatally wounded and will die after Agandaûr's sword pierces his heart.

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