Beechbone was one of the younger Ents who lived in the Fangorn Forest.


Not much is known about the life of Beechbone, apart from that he took part in Battle of Isengard with the other Ents on March 3, 3019. In the book The Two Towers, he was caught on fire by the gas let out by the Uruk-hai and apparently burned to death. However, this only encouraged the other Ents to double their efforts in destroying Isengard.[citation needed]

Portrayal in adaptionsEdit

The Lord of the Rings film trilogyEdit

In Peter Jackson's film adaptation, an Ent presumed to be Beechbone is briefly seen being set on fire by Orcs using flaming arrows. He survives, however, and later extinguishes himself in the flood (caused by the breaking of the dam) that engulfs Isengard.But even if he Survived he was left severely burned.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Catalan Osdefaig
Chinese (Hong Kong) 柏骨
Czech Bukost
Danish Bøgben
Finnish Pyökkiluu
French Osfayard
Italian Faggiosso
Japanese ブナの骨
Norwegian Bøkebein
Polish Brzozowiec
Portuguese (Brazil) Ossofaia
Russian Буковень
Slovenian Bučna kost
Swedish Boksläktetben
Turkish Kayın kemiği
Vietnamese Chi Cử khúc xương

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