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The Battles of Beleriand

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The Great Battles of BeleriandEdit

There were many battles between the Elves of Beleriand and the forces of Morgoth.

These battles are often referred to as the Battles of Beleriand, but also as the War of the Jewels as the Silmarilli were behind them all.

  1. The First Battle of Beleriand was fought before the Ñoldor arrived, and was fought by the Sindar and Laiquendi.
  2. The Second Battle was the Dagor-nuin-Giliath, or Battle-under-Stars, fought by the Ñoldor following Fëanor and his Seven Sons.
  3. The Third Battle was the Dagor Aglareb, or Glorious Battle, which led to the Siege of Angband.
    • Various minor battles were fought during the Siege which are not counted.
  4. The Fourth Battle was the disastrous Dagor Bragollach, or Battle of Sudden Flame, in which many Ñoldor fell.
  5. The Fifth Battle was the Nirnaeth Arnoediad or Battle of Unnumbered Tears, in which the Ñoldor were utterly destroyed.
  6. The Sixth and Last Battle of Beleriand was the War of Wrath, which ended the First Age of Arda and destroyed Beleriand.

Other Battles of BeleriandEdit

In addition to the six Great Battles of Beleriand, there were other battles in the Beleriand against the Dark Lord Morgoth as well as elves against elves, and dwarves against elves. All of these battles were directly and indirectly part of the War of the Jewels.

*This battle was never given a proper name in the published works but it did happen none the less see below.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 貝爾蘭戰爭


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