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Battle of the Powers

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Battle of the Powers

Conflict: War for Sake of the Elves
Date: YT ? - YT ?
Place: Northwestern part of Middle-earth


Outcome: Decisive victory of the Host of the Valar over the forces of Melkor
Valar and Maiar Forces of Melkor
Oromë, Tulkas and perhaps Eönwë Melkor and presumably Sauron and Gothmog as well
A great host of Valar and Maiar, 200,000[citation needed] A great host of Balrogs, Trolls ?, Orcs, and other creatures of Melkor 1,000,000[citation needed]
Very Heavy Near-total

The Battle of the Powers was the last great battle of the War for Sake of the Elves in which the forces of the Valar defeated Melkor's forces on the fields of Middle-earth and forced them to retreat into Utumno. The ensuing siege was very costly for the Valar, but their forces finally overcame Melkor's defenses and captured him.


The hosts met each other in the northeast of Middle-earth and for an unknown time they fought, until the Host of the Valar was victorious. From the perspective of the Ainur, the battle was short and was a swift victory for the Valar; the remaining forces of Melkor retreated to the safety of Utumno were they fortified themselves, and thus began the Siege of Utumno. Its effects on the continent were devastating and shook the earth and broke the lands and seas, changing them forever until the end of the War of Wrath thousands of years later.

Although the Valar host initially suffered light casualties and decisively defeated Melkor's forces, the following siege of Utumno was described as long and terrible for the Valar. After many years of sieging the fortress, and with severe casualties, the Valar were finally victorious, chaining Melkor and scattering his host.[1]


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