Battle of the Lammoth
300px-Jenny Dolfen - The Coming of Fingolfin
Conflict: Wars of Beleriand
Date: FA 1
Place: Lammoth
Outcome: Victory for the Ñoldor
House of Fingolfin and exiles, sons of Finarfin Orcs of Angband
Fingolfin Unnamed Orc commander †
An unknown number of Ñoldor-elves An unknown number of Orcs
Argon[1] unknown probably moderate to light Very heavy

The Battle of the Lammoth was the first battle fought after Fingolfin and the second, greater Host of the Ñoldor arrived in Lammoth - during the First Age.


Fingolfin's host was attacked by a force of Orcs as they marched southwards from the Helcaraxë into the Beleriand in Middle-earth, that had been sent there by Morgoth to attack Fëanor in the rear and they fought their first battle. The Ñoldor were caught off-guard, and Fingolfin's son Argon was slain. Fingolfin and his host pursued the Orcs until they were completely destroyed, and then passed into Mithrim as the Moon first rose.[2][1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ባትትለ ኦፍ ትሀ ላምሞጥ
Arabic معركة لاموث
Armenian Բատտլե ոֆ տհե Լամմոտհ
Belarusian Баттле оф тhе Ламмотh
Bulgarian Баттле оф тхе Ламмотх
Catalan Batalla de la Lammoth
Chinese (Hong Kong) 第一次貝爾蘭會戰
Cebuano Gubat sa mga Lammoth
Corsican Battagghia di li Lammoth
Croatian Bitka na Lammoth
Danish Slaget af Lammoth
Dutch Slag bij de Lammoth
Esperanto Batalo de la Lammoth
Estonian Lahingus Lammoth
Finnish Taistelu Lammoth
French Bataille de la Lammoth
Frisian Slach fan de Lammoth
Galician Batalla do Lammoth
German Schlacht von Lammoth
Greek Μάχη της Lammoth
Gujarati બત્ત્લે ઓફ થે ળમ્મોથ
Hawaiian Kaua o ka Lammoth
Hebrew קרב לאמות
Hungarian Csata a Lammoth ?
Icelandic Orrustan við Lammoth
Igbo Agha nke Lammoth ?
Italian Battaglia di Lammoth
Indonesian Pertempuran dari Lammoth
Irish Gaelic Cath an Lammoth
Kazakh Баттле оф тһе Ламмотһ
Kurdish باتتله‌ ۆف تهه‌ لاممۆته (Arabic script) Şer yên Lammoth (Latinised)
Kyrgyz Баттлэ оф тhэ Ламмотh
Latvian Kauja Lammoth
Lao ບະຕຕຣເ ໂຝ ຕຫເ ລະມມໂຕຫ
Lithuanian Mūšis Lammoth
Luxembourghish Schluecht vun der Lammoth
Macedonian Баттле оф тхе Ламмотх
Malay Pertempuran di Lammoth ?
Maltese Ġlieda tal-Lammoth
Maori Whawhai o te Lammoth
Mongolian Баттле оф тhе Ламмотh
Navajo Da-ah-hi-dzi-tsio áás di Lammoth ?
Norwegian Slaget av Lammoth
Pashto باټلې وف تهې لامموته
Persian باتتله وف تهه لامموته ?
Polish Bitwa pod Lammoth
Portuguese Batalha do Lammoth
Romanian De luptă al Lammoth
Russian Битва у Ламмота
Scottish Gaelic Blàr na Lammoth
Sinhala බත්ත්ලෙ ඔෆ් ථෙ ළම්මොථ්
Serbian Баттле оф тхе Ламмотх (Cyrillic) Bitka kod Lammoth (Latinised)
Slovak Bitka Lammoth
Slovenian Bitka Lammoth
Spanish Batalla del Lammoth
Swahili Vita ya Lammoth
Swedish Striden av Lammoth
Tajik Баттле оф тҳе Ламмотҳ
Tigrinya ባትትለ ኦፍ ትሀ ላምሞጥ
Turkish Savaşı arasında Lammoth ?
Ukrainian Баттле оф тге Ламмотг
Urdu لامموت کی لڑائی ?
Uyghur باتتلە وف تھە لامموتھ
Vietnamese Trận chiến của Lammoth
Welsh Brwydr y Lammoth
Yiddish שלאַכט פון די לאַממאָטה
Yoruba Ogun ti awọn Lammoth


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