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Battle of the Crossings of Poros

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In the year 2885 (TA)-(during the stewards reign) the Haradrim attacked Ithilien with great strength at the Crossings of Poros where Túrin II steward Gondor and King Folcwine of Rohan drew up their armies for battle. The Haradrim were thrown back across the river and defeated however King Folcwine's twin sons Folcred And Fastred were killed in the battle. After the battle Folcwine's sons were buried in a mound in the traditional fashion of the Rohirrim.

The battle waxed furiously on the vale of poros the enemy cavalry rode back to the main host,as the southrons began to make ordered ranks to hold a defensive position at a mere hundred yards from the fords, while they bought time to wait for the Mumaks and the army of Khand to cross the fords. But this would be slow, because even though these creatures of the desert thrilled at the sight of water, they were afraid of crossing large bodies of water, much less a river.

Meanwhile the armies of Gondor marched ahead of the Rohirrim. The spears and swords of Gondor drove through the enemy, who in their confusion had placed the pike-men at the front, expecting that the Rohirrim would charge first.The pike-men were slaughtered because they were not good against other infantry.The soldiers of Gondor drove through the ranks of the pike-men and contended with the their counterparts

overall this battle was somewhat a phyrric victory for Rohan and Gondor a like

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