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Battle of Goblin-town
Conflict: Quest of Erebor
Date: July 16-19, TA 2941
Place: High Pass
Outcome: Thorin and Company escape Goblin-Town, Bilbo finds the One Ring.
Thorin and Company Goblins of Goblin-Town
Thorin Oakenshield
Great Goblin
13 Dwarves
1 Wizard
700-1,000 Goblins
None, Bilbo temporarily lost 500-600 Goblins
Quest of Erebor

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The Battle of Goblin-town a non-canonical battle that took place during the Quest of Erebor.


In TA 2941, Thorin II Oakenshield and his company of Dwarves encounter a battle between three Stone giants, and are forced to take refuge in a cave while crossing the Misty Mountains. While the company sleeps, Bilbo decides to leave and return to Rivendell, but before he could leave, they were captured by the Goblins of Goblin-town. After Bilbo was separated from the Dwarves right after their capture and encounters Gollum, the company were brought to the Goblin King, who accused them as of being spies, thieves, murderers, and friends of Elves. However, he was quite surprised to see Thorin, and was hoping to turn him over to Azog.

While the Goblin King was singing for a celebration, one of his guards Grinnah was observing Thorin's sword and when he found out that it was Orcrist, he threw the sword in front of the Goblin King. The Goblin King howled with rage and ordered his guards to execute him and the dwarves, but Gandalf arrives and saves the company in time. He leads the company as they fight their way out of Goblin-town, killing many goblins that were trying to prevent them from escaping. Before they about to reach their exit, the Goblin King appeared in front and engaged the wizard in a brief duel. Gandalf managed to slay the Great Goblin King with his sword Glamdring.


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