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Battle of Fornost

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Battle of Fornost
Prophecy Glorfindel
The Witch King fleeing to Mordor
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1975
Place: Plain near Fornost, realm of Arthedain
Outcome: Victory for Gondor and Lindon. The complete destruction of Angmar, but too late for Arnor and the Kingdom of Arthedain.
United forces of Gondor and Elves of Lindon Angmar invasion force
Eärnur and Glorfindel The Witch-king of Angmar
2000 men of Arnor

15,000 Elves of Lindon
45,000 Men of Gondor, an unknown number of Hobbit archers[1]

25,000 Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders

5,000 Black Númenóreans
15,000 Wild Men of Rhudaur[citation needed]
700 Hill-trolls
300 Wolves

Light Majority of force

The Battle of Fornost was the decisive battle between the forces of Angmar, under the Witch-king, and of Eärnur, the Crown Prince of Gondor, in the year TA 1975 that ended the evil northern Kingdom of Angmar.


A year prior to the battle, the armies of Angmar conquered Arthedain, the last realm of Arnor. Angmar's armies had taken Fornost, the capital of the Dúnedain, and Arvedui, the last King of Arnor, had drowned in the Ice-Bay of Forochel. A year later, a fleet of ships under Eärnur arrived in the Grey Havens and set off toward what was left of the once-great northern kingdom. With the armies of Gondor came men from Rhovanion, elves from Lindon, and the remainder of the Dúnedain (among them Aranarth, the Prince of Arthedain). According to Shire historians, a company of archers was also sent to the battle.

The battle itself did not take place in the city of Fornost, but on the plains to the west of the city, near Lake Evendim. The armies of Angmar hurried west to meet the assault, and seeing this, the cavalry of Gondor rode north into the Hills of Evendim to wait in ambush. As the main part of the army of Gondor met the enemy in battle, the Gondor cavalry set out from the hills to strike the rear of the army of Angmar. This served as the turning point in the battle, and allowed the combined armies of the west to gain the advantage. Realizing that his forces were all but completely destroyed, the Witch-king of Angmar fled eastward. As he fled, an army led by Glorfindel came up out of the south and blocked his escape, destroying what was left of his crumbling army; the Witch-king himself was able to escape during the night and fled southward. Though the battle itself had been lost and Angmar utterly destroyed, Sauron was extremely pleased with the Witch-King's work, for the destruction of the northern kingdoms of the Dúnedain was a victory for the Dark Powers which far exceeded the loss of the Witch-King's realm.[1][2][3]

Battle of fornost

Glorfindel and Eärnur lead their troops to battle.

Portrayal in AdaptationsEdit

The battle is portrayed in The Battle for Middle-Earth II, Rise of the Witch-King, where it is the epilogue mission to the game story. The battle has some notable differences, for it takes place in the heart of Angmar itself. Elrond himself is also present as an additional hero, along with Glorfindel and Earnur. The player must navigate through the various ambushes waiting in line before confronting the Witch-King. Killing him automatically completes the mission.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 佛諾斯特戰役
Russian Битва при Форносте
German Schlacht von Fornost


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