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Battle of Dagorlad

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Battle of Dagorlad
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Battle of Dagorlad
Elves prepare to clash with the Orcish hordes of Mordor
Date: SA 3434
Location: Plains of Dagorlad
Result: Victory for the Last Alliance
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Last Alliance of Elves and Men Mordor
Gil-galad +
Elendil +
Oropher Durin Amdir
Mouth of Sauron
Khamûl Witch King of Angmar Herumor
Probably 250,000 Elves(Mostly Noldor and some Silvan and a Galadhrim party), Men(Gondorians and Northmen) and 50,000 Dwarves Approximately 300,000 Orcs, 1,000 Trolls, 10,000 Wargs,many Evil Men (Haradrim, Easterlings, Black Numenoreans and Variags), thousands of other evil creatures, and a small number of Dwarves
Moderate: 10,000 Mannish soldiers, 10,000 Elves, and 10,000 Dwarves Heavy: 200,000 Mordor troops, and 900 Evil Men
War of the Last Alliance

Conquest of Minas Ithil - Defense of Minas Anor of Osgiliath - Battle of Dagorlad - Siege of Barad-dûr

The Battle of Dagorlad was the major battle of the War of the Last Alliance during the late Second Age.


The battle took place in the year SA 3434. It was fought between the army of the Last Alliance under Gil-galad and Elendil and an army of Orcs and other creatures loyal to Sauron, on the plains of Dagorlad just outside Mordor between Emyn Muil and Cirith Gorgor.The Last Alliance met with the Anarion`s Numenorean army which was holding Osgilliath and Minas Ithil, they marched to Dagorlad.Oropher and Amdir annoyed by Gil Galad`s command pre-maturely charged at the enemy and were driven back and Amdir along with many Galadhrim warriors died in the Dead marshes.Eventually,the Alliance was able to drive back the the enemy forces, and the army of the Last Alliance won the battle and was able to attack the Morannon and procceded to Udun.

Later, in the Third Age of Middle Earth, the Dagorlad was the site of many battles between Gondor and various Easterlings armies. Many of the bodies of those slain in the battle on both sides came to occupy the marshes at the foot of Emyn Muil, and were preserved nearly intact for several millennia. The area had long been known as the Dead Marshes by the time Frodo crossed it on March 1 and 2, 3019.[1][2]


The word 'Dagorlad' means 'battle plain' in the Sindarin language.[3]


In Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, Dagorlad is misspelled as Dagorland on various maps shown in the films and in the appendices of the special extended DVD editions.


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