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Battle of Cair Andros

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Battle of Cair Andros
Cair andros05
Gondor troops at the battle
Conflict: War of the Ring
Date: March 10, 3019
Place: Cair Andros, Gondor
Outcome: Decisive Mordor victory
Gondor Mordor
Lord of Cair Andros
  • Gondor Captain†
900 Gondorian Soldiers,100 Ithilien Rangers 10,000 Orcs, Several Wargs and trolls, 5,000 Easterlings
Heavy:Entire army destroyed,except for a few soldiers who feld back to Minas Tirith About 2000 Morannon Orcs, 1000 Easterlings and several wargs killed
War of the Ring

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The Battle of Cair Andros was a conflict between Sauron's servants and the soldiers of Gondor stationed in the city of Cair Andros during the War of the Ring. Cair Andros was located in the middle of the Anduin River on a small isle, connected to the shore on either side by two paved bridges.

Assault and Battle Edit

At around the same time as the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, a considerable force of orcs and Easterlings assaulted Cair Andros. Upon seeing the attacking force, the Gondorian soldiers promptly shut the gates and sealed the city, blocking the entrance to Gondor's famed highway.

The orcs began to cross the bridge, taking large losses from the Gondorian archers on the walls. Still, they managed to successfully cross it and break down the gate with a battering ram. As soon as the gate was down, the cowardly Lord of Cair Andros fled the city and was never heard from again, leaving his head captain in command of the defenders. Despite their valiant resistance, the defenders were unable to hold back the overwhelming number of attackers on the city streets and fled to the citadel to reinforce their position. From this point, they held back the attackers until they ran out of arrows, at which point the orcs again brought the battering ram to bear on the citadel gate. They burst into the citadel and slew all who were there, leaving the last of Cair Andros's defenders dead. The end result was a victory for Sauron. After the War of the Ring ended, Cair Andros was recaptured by the army of Gondor, led by King Elessar and Faramir.[1]


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