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Bats were giant flying creatures that roamed in the forests of Middle-Earth. Most bats were part of the forest's ecosystem, however, some bats were bred from darkness and variants of vampires and were known for their service to the forces of Darkness. Bats sided with the goblins and wargs in the Battle of Five Armies, during which they flew so thickly across the sky that the sunlight was blotted out.


Bats in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Cave bats 2

Cave-bats in BFME 2

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Giant Bats

Giant Bats from Games Workshop

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The Lord Of The Rings OnlineEdit

  • Bats are found in caves throughout Middle-earth, especially in Moria. They are frequently the pets of the Merrevail.


In the First AgeThuringwethil  was Sauron 's messenger and took the form of a giant bat with great fingered wings.


As Bilbo and the dwarves marched through Mirkwood they gave up lighting fires at night because they attracted thousands of moths, followed by huge black bats.

(J. R. R.[1]Tolkien, The[2]Hobbit, "Flies and Spiders")


In Gnomish, one of Tolkien's early conceptions of an Elven  language, the word for "bat" is cwildred.

( J. R. R.[3]Tolkien; Christina[4]Scull, Wayne G.[5]Hammond (eds.), Roverandom, "[Chapter] 2")

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