Royal barrow

The Barrow of the Kings of Arnor

A Barrow is a mound of dirt over a grave. Barrows in Middle-earth include those on the Barrow-downs and the ones before the gates of Edoras, where the kings of Rohan are buried.

History and Appearances Edit

Frodo Baggins, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, and Sam Gamgee all ended up in a barrow after their capture by a Barrow-wight in the Barrow-downs. The barrow was illuminated by a pale greenish light and many treasures were piled in the passage where the four hobbits were held. Merry, Pippin, and Sam sleep, as if under an enchantment, throughout their time in the barrow and so don't see Frodo use a sword to cut off the Barrow-wight's hand when it comes after them.

Once Frodo summons Tom Bombadil, Tom opens low door in the barrow and destroys the Barrow-wight. He and Frodo carry the other hobbits out of the barrow and Tom Bombadil brings a load of treasure out of the barrow to break the spell of the barrow and keep other wights away from it. The four hobbits get their Barrow-blades from the barrow, which is said to be the grave of the last prince of Cardolan.

The barrows in front of Edoras are arranged according to the lines of the kings of Rohan. The nine graves on the right are of the first line of the kings, starting with Eorl and the seven on the left are from the second, beginning with Fréaláf Hildeson and ending with Théoden. The barrows are covered with a white flower, simbelmynë, which blooms all year round.