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Bargrisar was a renegade Stone Giant created for Snowblind Studios' hack-and-slash RPG The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. He serves as one of the game's primary antagonists and is one of the bosses, encountered at the end of the Ettenmoors.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthEdit

Bargrisar was cast out from the rest of his kin long ago, an act which drove his mind to the brink and caused him to take up a much more cruel and violent demeanor. Over time, his cruelty made him more infamous, and he began to rise as a leader of warbands and groups of giants, trolls and goblins in the nearby areas. This activity caused him to become noticed by Agandaûr, who sought the giant out in the Ettenmoors and recruited him to the cause of Sauron, allowing the giant a large force to harass and strike at the Great Eagles nested there, as Agandaûr feared that the Eagles would prove a deadly adversary in his campaigns in the North.

The Stone Giant set about his work with efficiency- his troops were able to take a great deal of the Ettenmoors, and Bargrisar was able to lead a group of his trolls and giants into the Misty Mountains to strike at the Eagle's aeries, destroying many eggs and killing many. The Eagles were enraged, but Bargrisar was able to escape back to the Ettenmoors before they could slay him. Meanwhile, Gandalf traveled to the Moors and was unnerved to find no traces of Trolls in the area, prompting him to send the Fellowship of the North; Farin, Andriel and Eradan, to the location to investigate.

Along the way, the heroes met with their old ally from Fornost, Beleram, who had been sent with a band of Eagles to hunt and kill Bargrisar. Beleram explained the nature of Bargrisar's affiliation with Agandaûr, and the group worked together to confront the Giant. The three warriors on the ground were able to take out the Stone Giant's legs, allowing them to directly damage his face. After a long battle, the companions brought Bargrisar to the ground, leaving him apparently dead, but as they turned to return to Rivendell, the Stone Giant recovered and raised for a final strike, only to be interrupted by Beleram, who plucked out the Giant's eyes with his talons, violently ending Agandaûr's servant.