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This article contains information, pictures or media from non-canonical sources. To find out more about what is considered canon see LOTR:Canon

Baranor was a Dunedain ranger and father of the famed man, Eradan.

He is non-canonical as he doesn't appear in the books.


Baranor fathered Eradan in the later years of the second age, but unfortunately did not live to see the boy grow up to the great man he would later become. Baranor's exact fate is unknown, however it can be assumed that he simply died, or was captured, because he and his men were on a patrol near the Misty Mountains when he was lost and never returned. Nonetheless his son pressed on and eventually did great deeds in his later life.


Baranor was created for the game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North and does not appear in the books. He was presumably modeled after Tolkien's characters Baranor and the father of Beregond.


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