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Amon Rûdh
Mîm leads Túrin and the outlaws to his home in Amon Rûdh.
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Amon Rûdh was a stone hill south of Brethil in West Beleriand. It had only deep red flowers called Seregon "blood of stone" growing on its top, which made it seem blood-covered.[1]


Mîm the Petty-dwarf lived within Amon Rûdh with his two sons, Ibûn and Khîm. Mîm was captured by a group of outlaws led by Túrin Turambar and forced to reveal the location of his refuge which was known as Bar-en-Nibin-Noeg (House of the Petty-Dwarves). When it was discovered that Khîm, who had been shot at by a member of Túrin's band and was mortally wounded and then later died of his wounds, Túrin repented and offered his services to Mîm promising to provide a ransom of his own to Mîm to atone for Khîm's death. Afterwards, Mîm from then on tolerated the presence of the outlaws promising to house Túrin's outlaws in exchange for his life. The dwelling was then called Bar-en-Danwedh (House of Ransom).[2][3][4]

Amon Rûdh became the base of operations for the outlaws and with the arrival of Beleg; it became the heart of the area known as Dor-Cúarthol "Land of Bow and Helm" (referring to the Two Captains, Beleg and Túrin), a center of resistance against the forces of Morgoth. Túrin's location was eventually discovered and orcs slew the outlaws, covering the hilltop with real blood.[5]

Amon Rûdh was lost under the sea with the destruction of Beleriand during the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age.[6]


Amon Rûdh is Sindarin for 'Bald hill'.[7]

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