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Azog's army made its appearance during the attack on the Lonely Mountain and Dale in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The army was made in Dol Guldur where Azog and the Necromancer took refuge before the battle of the mountain. They were aided by Were-Worms in getting to the Lonely Mountain to attack Thorin and the dwarves.





Dol GuldurEdit

  • Pikemen
  • Swordsmen
  • Spearmen
  • Axemen
  • Sickle-Men
  • Ogre Warrior and Battering Ram
  • Ogre Catapult Carriers and Ogre-Riders
  • Troll Catapult Carriers and Troll Riders
  • Warg Riders
  • Gundabad Wargs
  • Goblin Mercenaries
  • Torch-carriers
  • Were-worms
  • Olog Hai Warriors
  • Giant Gundabad Trolls
  • Amputated Trolls


Strength of Azog's Army Edit

  • 20,000 Guldur Orcs
  • 10,000-15,000 Gundabad Orcs
  • 200-400 Goblin Mercenaries
  • 100 Orc Berserkers
  • 40 Warg Riders
  • 24 Ogres
  • 26 Trolls( 2 Amputated Trolls, 10 Misty Mountain Trolls, 3 Guldur War Trolls, 10 Guldur Olog-Hai, 1 Troll-Ram)
  • 100 Gundabad Bats

Total: 35,500+ troops

Battles involvedEdit


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Azog leading the army
Guldur orcs 2
Attacking Dale
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Berserkers at Ravenhill
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In Dol Guldur
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Arrival at Dale