Gimli With Axe

Gimli with an axe

Axes were primarily used by the Dwarves as weapons. A famous user of this weapon is Gimli. Dain's dwarves were described as wielding "two-handed mattocks". The weapons of the Dwarves had long handles to extend their reach and increase their impact. There were several different types of axes, including single-bladed and double-bladed axes as well as throwing axes. Many Dwarves carried more than one Axe. The throwing axe had a foot-long handle and kept most of its weight in the blade, to increase the force with which it would hit the target. It had a range of only ten yards or so and was much smaller than the walking axe. A walking axe had a square handle and was about three feet long; it had a single blade so the user could use it as a walking staff. Unlike their depiction in many fiction settings, double bladed axes (also called double-bitted axes) are used in logging, while battle axes have one blade, and sometimes a spike. An Axe could also be used as tool, serving multiple purposes.

The Sindar of the First Age were lightly armed in battle, and used axes as well. Some of the Orcs of Mordor and Minas Morgul also used crude axes.

Hurin used an axe before he was captured by Morgoth's forces. He used it to slay most of Gothmog's troll bodyguard, before the troll's blood melted the blade.

Many of the Beornings, most famously Beorn, were known to have wielded axes to chop wood and to use as a primary weapon.

Saruman's Orc-men were noted to have used battle axes.

Axes were one of the four main weapons used by the Rohirrim.


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Known usersEdit

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