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History of the 1st EdainEdit

The first men, created by Eru Iluvatar, were awoken in the easterly land of Hildórien, at the first rising of the first sun. These Children of Ilúvatar awoke during the time when the elves of the Noldor were already returning from Valinor to Middle-earth. Men were befriended by the Dark Elves, of which there were few, but were also approached by Melkor (Morgoth). The men were divided into many different groups. Two were seen in the First Age: the Edain and the Easterlings, also known as the Swarthy Men.

When the elves had awokened, Middle-earth was still lit only by stars and they had no fear of the night, thus Oromë called them the People of the Stars. However men were awakened when the Sun first rose and the elves called them the Children of the sun, the Night-fearers.

According to legends of the Edain, Morgoth visited Men in Hildórien seeking their allegiance and converted them away from Eru Ilúvatar, and Men were made mortal in divine punishment. However this was merely a trait bestowed upon men by Eru and not out of punishment. To escape the evil of Morgoth and his followers, the Atanatári were the first to flee Hildórien, travelling west and eventually coming to Beleriand.

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