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Attack of the Stone Giants
Conflict: The Quest of Erebor
Date: July 16, TA 2941
Place: Misty Mountains
Outcome: Thorin and Company escape from the giants
Thorin and Company Stone-giants
Thorin II Oakenshield
13 Dwarves and 1 Hobbit 5-15 Stone-giants
none All stone-giants were partially-destroyed, one lost its head and wholly corrupted
Quest of Erebor

Skirmish in the TrollshawsChase to RivendellAttack of the Stone GiantsBattle of Goblin-townAttack of the WargsAttack of the SpidersAmbush of MirkwoodFight in Lake-townDuel in Dol GuldurAttack on Lake-townBattle in EreborDestruction of Lake-townAttack on Dol GuldurBattle of Five Armies (Siege of DaleSkirmish in Ravenhill)

The Hobbit movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Peter Jackson is the only place stone giants are found in Middle- Earth lore.

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