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Attack of the Spiders

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Attack of the Spiders
[[File:Spiders Mirkwood|250px]]
Conflict: Quest of Erebor
Place: Forest Path
Outcome: Destruction of Spider Nest
Dwarves captured by the Elves
Thorin and Company
Woodland Realm
Dol Guldur
Thorin Oakenshield
Legolas Greenleaf
Unnamed Spider Chief †
13 Dwarves
1 Hobbit
30 Elves
30-50 Giant Spiders
None All Spiders, Mirkwood Centipede
Quest of Erebor

Skirmish in the TrollshawsChase to RivendellAttack of the Stone GiantsBattle of Goblin-townAttack of the WargsAttack of the SpidersAmbush of MirkwoodFight in Lake-townDuel in Dol GuldurAttack on Lake-townBattle in EreborDestruction of Lake-townAttack on Dol GuldurBattle of Five Armies (Siege of DaleSkirmish in Ravenhill)

Attack of the Spiders was a skirmish when the Great Spiders capture the Dwarves in Mirkwood.


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