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The Attack of the Spiders was a skirmish when the Great Spiders captured Thorin's Company in Mirkwood.

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During the Quest of Erebor, Thorin's Company travelled eastward on the Forest Path after leaving Beorn's house. Despite the command of Gandalf not to leave the path, the company followed lights into the forest and found them to be from the feasting of Wood-elves. The elves quickly disappeared, however, leaving the dwarves stranded and unable to return to the path. Not long afterwards, the company was captured by Great Spiders and placed in cocoons with the intent that they would later be eaten. Bilbo Baggins escaped the spiders' notice, however, and with the help of the One Ring distracted the spiders, allowing him to free the dwarves. The spiders returned, however, and after a fierce skirmish were driven off by the dwarves. Shortly afterwards, the dwarves again encountered the Wood-elves and were taken back to the Elven-king as prisoners.[1]

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Quest of Erebor

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In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the dwarves are similarly captured by the spiders and freed by Bilbo, but it is the Wood-elves led by Legolas and Tauriel who defeat and kill the spiders. It is then that the dwarves are captured and taken to Thranduil.

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