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Attack Troll

An Attack Troll in Minas Tirith.

An Attack Troll was an elite Troll (an Olog-hai to be exact) found solely within Mordor. After they were bred, Attack Trolls were trained in battle far more effectively than normal Trolls, and had more powerful weapons and armor to ensure their devastation and survival.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit


They acted as shock troops for Mordor's mighty army, obliterating many soldiers of Gondor as the rest of the Orcs moved into the city. They were about the same height as normal Trolls (12-17 feet), but with far more strength and power. Later, an Attack Troll was also seen attempting to break down the Gates to the Third Level of Minas Tirith before being slain by the Army of the Dead.

In video games, Attack Trolls are among the most powerful of all the forces of evil. They were dressed in plate armor and could obliterate entire battalions of soldiers before finally being slain. They are some of Mordor's most valuable troops, as they are used to devastate both men and buildings alike.

It is highly likely that Attack Trolls were armored Olog-hai, which gave them resistance to the sun and more overall power.


Spiked ClubEdit


Attack Troll with a giant mace.

Most Attack Trolls were either trained to use, or preferred to use spiked clubs in battle. These gigantic clubs were suitable for destroying many enemies at a time with one swing. They also used these clubs to damage gates and smash structures to pieces. With its club, an Attack Troll could easily obliterate enemy formations, striking terror into the hearts of its foes and throwing them into utter disarray. In most video games, Attack Trolls can destroy one or more non-hero warriors in one swing.

Two SwordsEdit

While most Attack Trolls preferred to use clubs, some (mainly their captains) used two huge swords instead of clubs. While these swords do not have such a huge damage radius and could be parried (only strong heroes like Aragorn are seen to be capable of this), they dealt the greatest damage. Also, these swords reduced the chance of attacking in melee even more, rendering most melee weapons practically useless against them.



A group of Attack Trolls crush a Gondor Pikeman battalion.

Attack Trolls have very few weaknesses, as they are protected by armor all around and can sweep away enemies before they can be hit. One weakness is the war pike. Commonly, their armour is weak at the neck. While an Attack Troll can slay Pikemen easily, it will most likely fall if a pike is thrown at its neck and connects. The same can occur to its chest if the armor is broken. Also, siege machines like catapults can hurl stones at the Attack Trolls, knocking them down or breaking the armor. While it will most likely not slay them by itself, it opens up opportunities for enemy soldiers to finish the job. Arrows can also slay Attack Trolls, though it will probably take one or more full volleys, as one arrow will certainly not be enough to slay them. Attack Trolls also became present in The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, in which the player can climb up the back of the troll, and stab it in the neck.

Battle BehaviorEdit

Unlike Cave-trolls and other troll types, Attack Trolls were intelligent to an extent and were smart enough to strike only their opponents rather than every friend or foe in its path. Also, they had a finer battle style in general, working in groups to crush their enemies and knowing how to defeat them depending on their position. Attack Trolls also appear to cooperate well with Orcs rather than having to be enslaved by them, and could operate the siege machinery of Mordor (including Grond) well.


Attack Trolls appear only in The Lord of the Rings videos games.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, they appear as the most feared and expensive heavy unit available to the faction of Mordor. They are extremely strong but have a weakness to spearmen.