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Atanatar II

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Atanatar II Alcarin
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Atanatar II was the sixteenth King of Gondor.

Gondor enjoyed its greatest wealth and power under him.


Atanatar was born in the year TA 977.[1] Atanatar succeeded his father Hyarmendacil I in TA 1149 as the sixteenth King of Gondor. His wealth was so great that historians remarked that "precious stones are pebbles in Gondor for children to play with". He was also known as Atanatar Alcarin, "Atanatar the Glorious," (alcarin being the Quenya word for glorious), but the deeds of Atanatar weren't as glorious as his appellation would indicate. Atanatar made no effort to expand or maintain the power that his father commanded and the guard on Mordor was neglected. Therefore his reign is seen as the start of Gondor's decline before the War of the Ring.

He was succeeded by his son Narmacil I upon his death in TA 1226 after ruling for seventy-seven years.[2]


Atanatar is Quenya for "father of man". It comes from the words atan, meaning "man" (usually in reference to mortal men), and atar, meaning "father".[Source?]

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