Ered Lithui
Ash Mountains
Background Information
Type Mountain Range
Location Northern Mordor[1]
Realms Mordor
Ruler Sauron
Other Information
Summary Known for being the northern border mountain range were behind lies the dreaded land of Gorgoroth.[1]
Other names Ered Lithui
Inhabitants Orcs, Trolls ?
Spoken Languages Black Speech, Orcist
Lifespan Years of the Trees - ?

The Ash Mountains, or Ered Lithui, was a mountain range forming the northern border of Mordor.


According to the The Atlas of Middle-earth, the range was some 500 miles in length stretching from the Black Gate and Cirith Gorgor, where it met the Ephel Dúath in the west and Rhûn in the far east. Barad-dûr stood on an outcrop of this range on the plateau of Gorgoroth to its south.[1]These mountains were probably heavily blackened by the volcanic activity of Mount Doom hence the name.


The Sindarin name Ered Lithui meant 'Ash Mountains' or 'Ashy Mountains'.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic الرماد جبال
Bengali অ্যাশ পর্বত ?
Bosnian Planine Pepela
Bulgarian Планините на пепел
Catalan Muntanyes de Cendra
Croatian Planine Pepela
Czech Popelavé Hory
Danish Aske Bjerge
Dari خاﻙسترافشاندن یاریزید ﻙوه ?
Dutch Asbergen
Esperanto Cindro Montoj
Estonian Tuha Mäed
Finnish Tuhka Vuoret
French Monts de Cendre
Georgian ასჰ მთებში
German Aschengebirge
Gujarati એશ પર્વતો
Hindi राख के पर्वतों
Hmong Tshauv Roob ?
Hungarian Hamu-hegység
Italian Monti Cenere
Japanese 灰の山々
Kannada ಬೂದಿ ಪರ್ವತಗಳು
Korean 재 산
Kurdish چياى خۆلەمێش ?
Lao ຂີ້ເທົ່າພູເຂົາ ?
Latvian Pelnu Kalni
Macedonian пепел Планини ?
Maltese Irmied Muntanji
Norwegian Askefjellene
Polish Góry Popielne
Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) Montanhas de Cinza
Romanian Muntii de cenuşă
Russian Пепельные горы
Serbian Планине Пепела (Cyrillic) Planine Pepela (Latinised)
Siamese (Thai) เถ้าภูเขา ?
Slovak Popol Hôr
Slovenian Gore pepela
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Montes de Ceniza or Montañas de Ceniza
Swahili Jivu Milima
Swedish Aska Bergen
Telugu యాష్ పర్వతాలు
Turkish Kül Dağları
Ukrainian зола Гори
Urdu راھ پہاڑوں

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