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Arveleg II

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For his past namesake the eighth King of Arthedain see: Argeleb I.

Argeleb IIwas the son of King Araphor of Arthedain, and was named for his great-grandfather Argeleb I.


He came to the throne in TA 1743 at the death of his father. During his rule the Great Plague was at its full strength in Eriador, and most of the people of Cardolan perished, especially in Minhiriath. The Hobbits and other peoples living in Arnor all suffered greatly, but the plague lessened as it went north, and the north of Arthedain was scarcely affected.

Still it saw the end of Cardolan, and the last prince of Cardolan was buried in the Barrowdowns in the same mound Frodo Baggins was later caught in. Evil spirits sent by Angmar passed through Rhudaur to Cardolan, and began to dwell in the Barrowdowns.

Perhaps because of the loss of population, he granted the Shire to the Hobbits. Before these lands had been a the royal hunting grounds. Argeleb was succeeded at his death in TA 1813 by his son Araval after ruling for seventy-years.[2]

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