Arthedain - Norges Tolkien Forening or Arthedain is the Tolkien Society of Norway and is based in Oslo and meets at Blindern in the Niels Henrik Abel's House (mathematics building) at the University of Oslo, and at times members houses.


The society was founded in the autumn of 1981 for the purposes of studying and promoting the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Their main publication is Angerthas that comes out three times a year and is presented in both Norwegian and English edited currently by Anette Lauen Borg and Anja Streit lien. The society has several chapters including one called Mithlond in Bergen. It is currently headed by Kaj Andr Apeland. They have at times offered merchandise such as books, t-shirts, pins, etc. all for sale. Their current membership is unknown. Their website is presented in both Norwegian and English.

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