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Arod and Legolas - Two Towers

Arod and Legolas

Arod was a fast, white, noble, strong, fiery, restive horse of Rohan.

Arod was hard to control and seemed to understand the importance of the journeys. After the loss of his original rider, Arod was given to Legolas by Éomer Éadig in compensation for the supposed deaths of Merry and Pippin.[1] Legolas ordered for his saddle and rein to be taken off, and rode him with ease. Throughout much of the War of the Ring, Arod carried Legolas and his friend, Gimli.


Arod, on the center, with Hasufel and Shadowfax

At one point in the story, Arod and Hasufel (horse given to Aragorn by Éomer) are frightened away by an old man (assumed by the characters in the book to be Saruman). They later come back, along with Shadowfax, who has been summoned by Gandalf as his own horse. Arod later accompanied Legolas on his way to Edoras, and aided him with the battle against the Warg-Riders. Legolas also rode on Arod during their fight in Helm's Deep.

He then carried his master thought the Paths of the Dead by the beast became scared as they approached the Dark Door but was calmed by Legolas.[2]


Arod's names means swift.[Source?]


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