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Araphant was a Dúnedain of the North and the fourteenth King of Arthedain.


Araphant was the son and heir of King Araval of Arthedain and he came to the throne in TA 1891 at the death of his father. It was during his reign that the famous prophet Malbeth the Seer made his prediction regarding the fate of his son Arvedui.

For some five-hundred years, Arthedain held off the constant attacks of the evil realm of Angmar. Araphant continued fighting off these attacks with failing strength.[3]

Araphant continued his father's policy of renewing contact with Gondor, and he forged an alliance with Gondor's King Ondoher, leading to a marriage between Ondoher's daughter Fíriel and Araphant's son Arvedui. Four years later King Ondoher died by an attack of the Wainriders, and Araphant's son Arvedui made a claim for the throne of Gondor by right of his blood connection to Isildur, and his wife Fíriel, who by the laws of Númenor should have become the Ruling Queen. This claim was denied, and the the kingship of Gondor passed to Eärnil II.

Araphant died in TA 1964 after ruling for seventy-three years, and was succeeded by his son Arvedui.[2]

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The name Araphant came from Sindarin and translated literally would mean "full king", but was likely to have intended to mean "king of all". It is made from the words ara, meaning "king", and pant, meaning "all". ref>The Complete Guide to Middle-earth</ref>

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