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Annals of Valinor

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Annals of Valinor is the sixth section of the The Shaping of Middle-earth, the fourth volume of The History of Middle-earth.

Book contents:

  • 1. Prose fragments following the Lost Tales — brief, uncompleted texts which continue on from The Book of Lost Tales
  • 2. The earliest "Silmarillion" — also referred to as the "Sketch of the Mythology", this is the start of the Silmarillion proper
  • 3. The Quenta — a further developed version of the "Sketch", the first full narrative since the Tales
  • 4. The first "Silmarillion" map — a reproduction of the first map of Beleriand
  • 5. The Ambarkanta — cosmological essays, maps, and diagrams
  • 6. The earliest Annals of Valinor
  • 7. The earliest Annals of Beleriand

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