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Angmarim are men who serve the Witch King of Angmar. They share kinship with the Black Númenóreans, and are men of the same race of the Dunedain.

After the downfall of Numenor, several clans of Black Númenóreans dwelt in the northern mountains of Eriador. In the early Third Age, they rose to prominence under the Witch-king's rule, carving out a kingdom in the hills of Angmar.

Angmarim are found mostly in Angmar but they are reaching out across Eriador. A significant invading force of them can be found in Evendim, in the former Arnorian capital of Annúminas. They are of difficulty and are always aggressive. They have no specific weaknesses or resistances.

Umbarrim, Black Númenóreans of Umbar, are also encountered in the lands of Eriador. These Men hail from the Havens of Umbar in the distant south along the coast of the Great Sea of Belegaer. They have kinship with the fearsome Corsairs of Umbar who often raid the coastlines of Gondor.