The American Tolkien Society is a Tolkien society based in Highland Park, Michigan, USA.


The society was founded in 1975 by Phillip and Marci Helms, Paul Ritz and Dave Dettman but their quarterly journal Minas Tirith Evening Star had been in publication independently since 1967. They observe Hobbit Day every September 22 and Tolkien Week possibly every year between September 22 and September 28 which is usually observed in a library, bookstore or as a school display.

Membership is open to all Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans. The total number of members is not known.

Leadership (as of 2013)Edit

Board of FoundersEdit

  • David L. Dettman
  • Philip W. Helms
  • Paul S. Ritz
  • M. Zoe Starkweather

Executive DirectorEdit

  • Amalie A. Helms

Editor of Minas Tirith Evening-StarEdit

  • Amalie A. Helms

Editor EmeritusEdit

  • Philip W. Helms


  • Philip W. Helms

External link Edit

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