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Ted Nasmith's depiction of the Harbor of Alqualondë.
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Alqualondë also known as Haven of the Swans and the Haven, was the chief city of the Falmari on the shores of Aman.


The city was built in a natural harbor made of rock on the eastern shores of Aman. Other than the great harbor it also housed the tower of Olwë. The city was decorated with pearls which the Teleri found in the seas, and jewels which they obtained from the Ñoldor. Until the Kinslaying, the city was one of the most peaceful and tranquil places in all of Aman- truly synonymous with elven bliss. It was always alive with song from the fair voices of the Teleri, and after Valinor became silent with the death of the Two Trees, the only good sounds that could still be heard were coming from this fair coastal haven.[1]


With aid from the Ñoldor, the city was built during the time of the trees, sometime after the elves arrived in Valinor; it was constructed by the Teleri, who loved the seas and the starlight. Olwë, brother of Thingol, lived in Alqualondë and was its lord. The city is said to be north and east of Tirion between the Calacirya and Araman in northern Eldamar.[2]It is perhaps best known as the site of the first Kinslaying recounted in The Silmarillion, in which Sons of Fëanor attacked the Teleri and stole their ships killing many of their people.[3]


Alqualondë was a Quenya word for 'swan-haven'.

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