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All that Glitters
Studio album by Soundestiny
Released June 2009
Recorded 2008 at Rigidigital Studios in Brisbane, Australia
Genre Folk Rock
Length 15:35
Label Soundestiny
Soundestiny chronology
Journey Through Love
All that Glitters
Winds of Change

All that Glitters is an EP or mini-album by the Australian Folk Rock group, Soundestiny, featuring music inspired by The Hobbit. The songs themselves contain no direct references to Tolkien's characters - like Gollum or Gandalf, nor to Middle-earth place names - such as Hobbiton or Mirkwood etc. Soundestiny have released other Tolkien-related CDs including Shadow Rising (2004) and Winds of Change (2010). In 2012, they released the full album Dragon Quest inspired by the LOTR prequel.

Track listing Edit

1. A lonely mountain (Potter) - 4:31 (music video)

2. The riddle game (Potter) - 3:55

3. All that glitters (Potter) - 4:28

4. Ever on (Potter) - 2:41


  • Darryl Grant Potter - vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute
  • Kim Sewell - drums and percussion
  • Elissa Maclean - vocals
  • Clyde Schipke - guitar
  • Alyssa Marie – vocals on track 1


  • Producers: Kim Sewell and Darryl Grant Potter
  • Engineer: Kim Sewell
  • Arranger: Darryl Grant Potter
  • Concept: Darryl Grant Potter
  • Artwork: Natalie Camilleri
  • Cover Design: Natalie Camilleri

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