Algund was Edain of the First Age and a member of the Gaurwaith.


Algund was oldest of the outlaw band and had been a Man of Dor-lómin who had once lived under Húrin when he was Lord of Dor-lómin. After the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, he was forced to flee his homeland traveling down the Vales of Anduin. Apparently left with nothing, he became part of a band of outlaws that raided others for their needs in Brethil and near the borders of Doriath. When Túrin joined the group, he in time came to recognize him as the son of Húrin.[1] After Túrin slew Forweg, the original leader of the group, it was Algund that supported him as their new captain figuring that he would be a better leader, and would lead them to better fortunes.[1][2]

Later, when the group captured Beleg, the untrustworthy Androg argued that he should be killed for spying but Algund stopping, saying that they should wait until Túrin returned.[2] He was most likely slay in the Sack of Amon Rûdh.[3]


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