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Alfrid Lickspittle
Ryan Gage portrays Alfrid in The Hobbit trilogy.
Alfrid Lickspittle
Also Known As
Councilor and Advisor of the Master of Laketown
Men of Laketown (Men of Long Lake)

Alfrid Lickspittle was a Man of Lake-town, a servant to the Master of Laketown, in TA 2941.[1]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Hobbit film trilogyEdit

Alfrid is a character in The Hobbit film series. The character was referred to in the novel The Hobbit, at the end of Chapter 10 as one of the Masters Counselors but not by name. Tolkien doesn’t name any of counselors, so Peter Jackson called him Alfrid Lickspittle. He is played by actor Ryan Gage in the second and third films. In the trilogy, Alfrid advises the Master in matters of diplomacy, trade and the defense of Lake-town. At heart though, he is a power-hungry sycophant, and his counsel could not always be relied upon to serve anyone other than himself.

In, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Alfrid first appears when he stops Bard the Bowman from bringing the fish-filled barrels from Mirkwood (which were to help smuggle Thorin and Company into the town). When told by Bard that the people are starving and threatened would rebel against the Master if they heard that he was dumping fish in the lake, Alfrid was forced to allow him pass and warned him that the guards were watching him and know where he lives, but Bard found it obvious (as everyone knew where they all live due to the town's size). He later warns the Master about Bard's rebellious attitude against him, and is ordered to send spies to watch his house. Alfrid was later present when the Dwarves were caught stealing weapons and persuading the Master if they take back the Lonely Mountain and slay the dragon Smaug the town will have their share of the treasure. The Master reluctantly agrees, only to just have his greedy hands on the share, and Alfrid felt the same way. Later, when Bard told his son Bain to hide the Black Arrow to use it later when the dragon arrives, Alfrid helps the guards by tripping Bard with the assistance of the Master knocking him unconscious with a stick to finish him off.

Voice Dubbing actorsEdit

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Jorge Lucas
Spanish (Latin America) Luis Daniel Ramírez
Spanish (Spain) Ángel de Gracia
Italian (Italy) Franco Mannella
German Axel Malzacher
Polish Jarosław Boberek
Czech Bohdan Tůma



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