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Aerandir was a faithful friend of Eärendil and one of the three mariners that accompanied him on his voyages on the high seas west of Middle-earth.


It is not known of what kindred Aerandir was, when he was born, or where he was born but he no doubt lived in Arvernien in the Havens of Sirion.

When Eärendil was resolved to sail to Aman to plea for help from the Valar, Aerandir along with Falathar and Erellont went with him and when they reached the shores of the Blessed Realm, he and others remained aboard while Eärendil sought the Valar. After Eärendil's embassy was complete, Eönwë, the herald of Manwë came to him and the others and set them upon another ship, and then Manwë set a great wind to blow them East back to Middle-earth.

His fate afterwards is unknown.[1]


Aerandir is a Sindarin word for 'Sea Wanderer'.


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